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Growing up in a kinder, gentler world



The Foundation works with parents and community partners to raise enrichment and scholarship funding so all those with a desire to participate in the Foundation's programs may do so. Opportunities also exist for graduates to initiate a program of their own consistent with the Foundation's mission and vision. 

An investment in the development of a child is an investment in the betterment of our world. There is no more important work than to raise creative young men and women of character with the vision and skills they need to live happy, resourceful, and purposeful lives--men and women capable of building a kinder and gentler world. Thus far, over 3,500 families from five counties and fifty-two schools have participated in the programs offered.  "It takes a village to raise a child."  We are that village.


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The first step in teaching anything worthwhile is to address the value of being still, being kind, being respectful, and showing consideration for others. Students enroll first in Pre-Cotillion, an eight-week program in manners. Having graduated from Pre-Cotillion, students may participate in Living Literature, a program that uses the performing and visual arts to bring the great stories of children’s literature to the stage.

Open to students in elementary school


In adolescence, students enroll in the National League of Junior Cotillions, Southwest Florida. Junior Cotillion, one of the finest character education programs in the country, is a national organization that teaches etiquette and social dance. By focusing a child's attention on what it means to be a young man or woman of character, students come to understand why character is the foundation of all worthwhile success and why social dance is an excellent way to make friends. 

Open to students in middle school


In high school and college, students are taught how to make others comfortable in their presence and that the secret to having good friends is to be open, authentic, honest, and trustworthy with others. Members of Graduate Leadership study dance with professional instructors, participate in leadership seminars, and practice leadership skills while earning community service hours as graduate assistants with Pre-Cotillion, Living Literature, and Junior Cotillion.

Open to students in high school & university

Enriching a child's life through 

the practice of kindness

Help bring the best of our cultural traditions forward into the future 


Program Enrichment Sponsor

A one-time donation or monthly recurring donation to sponsor the season, a table at an instructional dinner, tickets to a theatre or cultural event, or an element of an event such as favors, flowers, or prizes. 

Peer-to-Peer Sponsor

Peer-to-Peer sponsors raise money to further the mission of the Foundation in a personal and meaningful way. Graduates and those associated with the Foundation raise funds for a program or cause by creating a donation page sent out through social media to their sphere of influence. The funds are collected and disbursed by the Foundation accordingly. 

Student Sponsor

We want all families that share our values to enroll their children.  Sponsorship Seekers are those who wish to find sponsors for a student or a group of students. Devised so that all children may have the opportunity to join us, this program has made it possible for many children, who otherwise may not have had the means, to do so. 

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