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"Politeness is the noise you

do not make when eating soup" 

~ Bennett Cerf ~

Focus on Fundamentals


In the early years, the focus is on fundamentals and good manners are fundamental The first step in teaching anything worthwhile is to address the value of being still, being kind, being respectful, and showing consideration for others. Dr. Harold Fuzzbuttton and his endearing housekeeper, Mrs. Betty Eti-Quette, help children understand the value of good manners and what it takes to be kind and considerate to others. Thus, Pre-Cotillion I and II, an eight-week program offered through the National League of Junior Cotillions in Southwest Florida and managed by the Foundation, is a prerequisite to participation in Living Literature, a program that encourages creativity and literacy in elementary school children.

Open to students in kindergarten and elementary school

Please, Thank you, You're welcome, and Excuse me 

are beautiful words and balm to the soul 

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