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In sharing, we are blessed twice.

Charitable giving allows you to pass along

to others the opportunities that 

enriched your own life.

Pass the magic  forward . . . 

Become an enrichment supporter and help focus the mind and hearts of young children on the fundamentals of good manners, great children’s literature, characteristics of noble character, and nature-inspired leadership. Together we can build a kinder, gentler, and more beautiful world.

Ways to Give


Program Enrichment Sponsor 

A one-time or monthly recurring tax-deductible donation. Sponsor a program, a group of students for an instructional dinner, the opportunity to attend a cultural event, or an element such as favors, flowers, or prizes. Become a Sustaining Member of the Foundation by giving a monthly recurring gift of $12.

Peer-to-Peer Team Sponsor


Peer-to-Peer Team Sponsors raise money to further the mission of the Foundation in a personal and meaningful way. Graduates and others associated with the Foundation raise funds for a program or cause by creating a donation page sent out through social media to their sphere of influence. The funds are collected and disbursed by the Foundation accordingly.

Sponsor a Student 

Sponsor a child into the program with a monthly or one-time donation. These are challenging times and many young families are struggling to make ends meet. donation will go toward membership fees and the cost of a personalized memory book and enable a child to participate.  

Volunteer to help 

There are many ways to contribute.


Students in Season II and III earn community service hours and increase their social skills at the same time working as Senior Assistants.

Graduates of Cotillion are invited to join the Graduate Leadership Team (GLT).  Graduate Leadership, a program offered in partnership with the local chapter of USA Dance, Inc., study under a Professional Ballroom Dance Instructor, receive valuable leadership experience working as Graduate Assistants, and earn service hours for Bright Futures for their contribution.   
Advisory Board Members are invaluable to the success of our programs. 
Committee Members work on long-range planning of events and activities that keep our community strong and dynamic.  
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